Now I See

Hello there,

I’ve been silent for the past weeks. A whole month maybe? I’ve been thinking about writing yet haven’t written a word down.

No. I’m lying.

I have been jotting a few ideas down. But I just haven’t been active.

However, last month and the beginning of this month, I’ve had some personal experiences.

I got married–an intimate ceremony at that.

My husband and I had a family gathering, a reception really, a few weeks later.

We went to a Josh Groban concert on July 3rd.

We drove to San Francisco on July 4th and had some interesting experiences there; our mini-honeymoon actually.

We tried to foster a dog but it didn’t worked out and our dear Lulu was beyond jealous.

Throughout those weeks I was able to experience many emotions.

See life from  a different perspective.

What I’ve read and watched on TV, I had finally experienced it first hand.

It was a lot in one month but now this has made me wiser as a writer. Now that I write those scenes I can relate with my characters. Those emotions and even doubts that they may experience, I know them.

It was a great few weeks but I’m ready to continue on writing.

I may not have a lot to say for the next few days or weeks but I’m still here and so is my mojo.

I look forward to seeing how my writing has changed. How my view has been molded.

Me being dormant was not a waste of time. It just opened my eyes for the better. It helped me see who I am and who I am capable of being.

My dream of writing animation and children books are still kicking. I just need to work harder.

Until Next Time,



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