Neil and More

I’m super excited, ladies and gents!

What? My book got picked up?


My script?


But! I just received my copy of Neil Gaiman’s latest book!

My copy. My office.
My copy. My office.

The Ocean At The End Of The Lane

I’m a huge fan, have most of his books (excluding comics) and i’ve heard so many good things about this book that I am looking forward to reading it. Hopefully this weekend. AHH!

On a side note, have any of you read, The Graveyard Book? Also by Neil. If you haven’t you should. It’s such a wonderful coming of age story. Rumors have it that they are hoping to make a movie out of it. Of course those are just rumors…

In other news, getting back on the writing wagon is harder than I thought, especially after such a  loooong break. Hey, at least I did started brainstorming as to what my new spec project should be.

One must perfect the craft to get somewhere–wherever that somewhere may be.

I’m thinking of writing a spec for another Pre-K show, review my spec for Martha Speaks (since I want that as a writing sample) and of course continue working on my own pilot.

“ARGH!  That’s a lot of writing, mate.”

But let’s face it. This is what will help me get better.

And of course having a pilot is always a plus!

Any of you have writing goals? Whether it’s for a sitcom, movie, or animated series?



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