A Lazy Weekend–Not Really.

I didn’t have any major plans this weekend and I wanted to keep it that way.

The only thing I was supposed to do was spend time with my lovely ladies on Sunday but they both have kids and they all got sick. I definitely understand that having children means being flexible, so of course we postponed.

So what did it mean having an open weekend?

In my mind it meant do nothing but clean the house and trim the roses in our backyard. It was going to be me and Lulu (our Rhodeshian mix) since Mark had plans to go and watch Pacific Rim with his boys and do what guys do.

A lazy weekend indeed. But it somewhat didn’t go as plan.

Nothing ever goes as plan anyway.

I should’ve known.

Saturday morning Mark and I drove to Dupar’s for their yummy pancakes and since Kohl’s was having a very decent sale (No tax and 20% off) Mark suggested for me to go and buy a few things for home, mostly kitchen items.

Aside from my new plans Lulu needed a good bath so I dropped her at the groomers before my unplanned trip to Kohl’s.

Mind you, I don’t regret it one bit. For less than $200 I think I got quite a few items.

My Kohl's purchase
My Kohl’s purchase

Trying to find bargains is exhausting!

So since I figured that I still had some time left before picking Lulu up from the groomers I headed home–of course since nothing goes as plan-as I’m nearing my exit on the freeway the groomer calls telling me she’s ready.

I sighed and got back on the freeway because I know Lulu, she’s my scaredy cat. But boy did the groomers did a good job! My booger :).

Look, mommy! All clean :D
Look, mommy! All clean 😀

Once I finally arrived home it was time to trim my roses and put my brand new items away and wouldn’t you know it. In a blink of an eye it was 7’oclock. Where did time go?

So I had no plans this past weekend but life had something for me to do because doing nothing is so not healthy.



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