You Know What Makes A Good Movie?

When you’ve watched it once, months ago, and out of the blue something inside you is telling you that you need to see it again.

Months ago I watched Identity Thief and I will say I was a bit bias at first. I thought I was going to hate it but after the first ten minutes I was hooked!

I didn’t move. I didn’t do much. I just wanted to see it. That movie made me laugh and I realized that Melissa McCarthy is one hell of a talented actor(actress? what’s the lingo now?).

Truth be told, I don’t know much about her or where she started. My husband told me she was on SNL but I don’t even watch that show. I do know she was in Bridemaids (which I have not seen) and that’s what probably got her career to take off.

I may also be wrong as I don’t know much about her past gigs.

I’m no movie critic but when I watch a movie once and months later I’m reciting a quote or two, which then makes me want to see the movie again, it just means that everyone involved in this project did their job.

So now here I am, waiting for my next paycheck because gosh darn it I need to see it again.


2 thoughts on “You Know What Makes A Good Movie?

  1. Apparently Mary Poppins is a really good movie… my son wants to watch it all the time — and decades after its release!! Also, I first saw Melissa McCarthy in Gilmore Girls, so she is always be Sookie to me 🙂

    1. Haha! I love Mary Poppins! A movie I can watch over and over, even now :).

      That’s what I’ve heard. I was never into Gilmore Girls, I did see a few episodes, but maybe because I wasn’t too fond of it that I didn’t pay attention to her role.

      But she is hilarious though! 🙂

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