A Workout Routine

Is a lot harder than it looks!

So lately I have been trying to work out at least 10 minutes each day. Mostly because I want to be healthier. I’ve done some changes on my meal portions, etc., but the exercising is just something else. Probably because it is actually good for me that I feel that it is really hard to actually do.

We have an elliptical at home, an inexpensive one but it does the job. I decided that using the elliptical at least 10 minutes each day is better than none, funny thing is that 10 minutes feel like 20! I am so out-of-shape!

But of course this doesn’t mean I’ll give up. My goal is to slowly move up in the minutes department, maybe 10 at first and then 15 and so on. We shall see.

Now the one thing I do like doing on weekends is Pilates. I bought 10 Minute Solutions: Rapid Results Pilates from Amazon  a while back and I’ve been using it on weekends. Truth be told, I actually enjoy it :).

To some of you 10 minute of working out here and there may not be enough. Granted, you may do more than me, but I believe that in the long run 10 minutes is better than none.


Do any of you have particular workout routines?


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