To Be Love And Be Love

Young Love

There’s something special about it.

It’s innocent.

The hubby and I had dinner at BJs a few days ago and the couple across from us was a young, high school couple. You remember those dates don’t you?

Well, they would cuddle and kiss. They would giggle and probably share stories, in addition to browsing social media together. During that hour or so they must have felt like adults. Being on a date. Surrounded by adults, doing adult things. Feeling mature.

But once they started eating all I saw were young kids enjoying a meal together. The way they were reaching and chewing their foods. The fact that they were messy and could care less about etiquette. The fact that they were having fun. All that brought a  smile to my face.

In high school we want to be consider adults. But as adults and we see such couples we can’t help but ponder about our own first dates at a young age and just how much of a cherish memory that is.

I may not have children at the moment, but when I do I know I want them to have fun and just cherish those events for what they are–special memories.


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