The Scary Road to Parenthood

So Mark and I are considering starting a family next year. A year after we got married. Two years after we got engaged.

Kind of romantic, no?

Part of it is because we don’t want to have our children too old. Thirties seem to be just about the right time for us.

But the fact that we are thinking about it is kind of scary. What you should eat. What you shouldn’t eat. Staying healthy while pregnant. Making sure the baby gets all the right nutrients. Gaining weight. Trying to lose that weight after (I was overweight when younger so of course that’s dreadful for me). All the expenses that come along.

There’s a lot to think about!

And yes, maybe when we do get pregnant things will fall to place but the truth of the matter is we are not there yet. So of course it is scary. Daunting even.

I do wonder at times if we are ready, but the truth is no one is ready for parenthood. No matter how much you read and prepare yourself, you are never ready.

Have any of you felt this way?



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