Two Left Feet

Is usually use on sayings about dancing. Pretty much stating you can’t dance. However, in my case it should be use when I’m in the kitchen cooking–at least trying to.

‘Cause I can’t cook.

Mark and I had planned on baking snacks this Saturday for Lulu, our dog. We were pretty excited and went out to buy the ingredients. I reblogged the recipe here.

Our plan was simple. After breakfast and cleaning we’ll bake.

Yet, that’s not how it went. My baby brother treated us to breakfast (sweet of him) and we did some errands after.

Once finally we got home we were ready to bake, brother included. We had the recipe in front of us and all we had to do was follow it. Yet that didn’t go as plan and Mark somehow included the plain yogurt in the dough mix.

Yes, this pastry adventure had a bunch of laughs. And to top it off we lack pastry tools and had to even use a soda bottle in saran wrap as a roller. Yes, laugh. Extremely funny.

We all pretty much screwed the recipe (lol) but the end result was pretty good.

By now our kitchen was a mess and we were not finished!

I wanted to make cookies for Lulu and I even found a recipe for it. Mine you I haven’t baked cookies before or even use a cookie cutter. The kitchen was a mess already, but once it was me and the cookie recipe it became a lot worse. The stove ended as white as snow and the dough wasn’t all that great. I couldn’t even use the cookie cutter right!

My brother had to step in and fix the recipe. Well, to make a long story short Lulu loved the cookies yet wasn’t too interested on the pies (lol). Mark was pretty disappointed about that since he was the one that wanted to bake the pies for her.

I’m not saying I’m giving up on cooking and when things dot go right it’s better to just laugh it off. But I’m guessing I need a little supervision and the right tools from now on.

Our first try.

Happy Sunday,



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