Night is the only time I have to reflect

While you sleep I toss and turn

It’s when the tears roll down

It’s when I realize  we are no longer in love

Is it out of habit that we still lay down together?

If this is so… it is the worst punishment we have created

I do wish to leave. I know you do too

But we don’t

Out of fear

Out of insecurity

Can we ever have that relationship

The one we thought we had

Are we afraid to fail?

Is this why we don’t move on

So by the time I finally fall asleep

When my anguish has tired me out

This is when you toss and turn

This is when you too wish to break free

And maybe– if luck is on our side

We will be able to break free from each other

But for now we are stranded

***Music Wednesday – Inspiration taken from one song


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