Don’t Forget About Them!

Living a healthy life style should not be limited to only your  two-legged family members.  Always remember to include your four-legged member too.

Whether is changing their food to something healthier or snacks. Little changes go a long way. I understand that sometimes buying the “good” stuff means a lot of $$$$$ signs and let’s face it, we can’t all afford it. But as long as we do our homework and buy the best from the worst, we are doing something good.

We give Lulu ACANA,  it’s a little pricey but it’s not process and it is made with REAL ingredients.  Some of you may not have heard of this brand but that’s because they don’t advertise. It’s not a brand that mass produces and sometimes they are the ones you should research and buy from.

Another way you can change your pets diet is by making snacks at home. You’ll be surprise by how much money you actually end up saving!

If kibble is something you can’t change due to economic reasons maybe giving them healthier snacks is the way to go. And no, I don’t mean buy them organic snacks. Believe me, they cost an arm and a leg.

What I am referring too is baking. I am not the best baker out there but what I find myself baking at least once or twice a month are yam chips.

She loves them!

They are easy to make and are not expensive to buy. Here’s the link to the recipe I’ve tried. Over the months I have found what works for me and what doesn’t. One thing is certain. It’s not that easy.

And lastly, if baking is not something you want to do for your dog you can always stick to carrots and apples.

Your four legged family member will thank you for it.


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