One Memory of Many

As I walked closer to the pond every memory we had came to live again. You were taking a swim in your birthday suit, with no care in the world. I was new to town and I felt that the pond was calling to me. So by the time my feet were touching the water you decided to resurface for air. I was startled and all you did was smile and say, “Hey.”

I didn’t know what to think or even say.  This was very inappropriate. You started doing backstrokes.  I saw this as an opportunity to leave. And as I did, “If I am making you uncomfortable I am more than happy to put some clothes on.” I turned back and noticed you heading to your pile of clothes.

“You don’t have to do that, really.” I said. You smirked “I’m done anyways.” And as you reached for your clothes I turned the other way.

It wasn’t the most romantic introduction. But one thing is certain. It wasn’t the last.


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