Hello, Stranger


Hello, Stranger is probably my favorite episode of season 1 of As Told By Ginger. It touched the subject of a tween and her relationship with her estranged dad. The story had some comic relief around a touchy subject  but it hit the spot. It was an awesome story that even today makes me teary. Sure, I had my dad growing up and always took it for granted but there are those kids out there who started to forget what dad even looked like.

This episode was just awesome and I believe this was one of the episodes that made me realized that I wanted to tell stories like this one.

So thank you Emily Kapnek for an awesome story.

Hello, Stranger

Hello, stranger – you came just in time
I look for your face in a crowd, or in line

Hello, stranger – not a moment too soon
See, that old picture’s fading in the drawer of my room
Now toys have gone lost, baby teeth have come loose
There were accidents involving stitches, spilt juice
Report cards were shown, and one time I got sick
But it’s nothing I couldn’t catch you up on real quick

Hello, stranger – I saved you a place
And it hardly seems strange now that I’ve seen your face


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  1. This episode and the series as a whole was ( and is ) brilliant! Love it!!!! So glad someone pointed it out! I related to Carl Foutley, especially is ill feelings he’s had toward the issues regarding his Father.

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