And Now I’m 30

I’ve seen friends become overwhelmed when they hit the BIG 3-0. Mark was one of them too. And I never really understood what the big deal was. Granted, now that it’s my turn I understand why they reacted the way they did.

When I was young I wanted to have so much done before I turned 30

When I was a teens those that were 30 seemed super old to me

During my early years in college I had set out goals to accomplish before I turned 30. A stable career was one of them. Being financially stable and independent was another. Traveling. Living life. Being carefree. You get the gist of it.

But as we know by now, no matter how much you plan, things never ever go as plan. And if things did go as plan for you please don’t rub it in. Unless you realized you would go back and change things. I can welcome that.

My life didn’t go as plan: I don’t have my dream job. I’m not financially stable to the dot. I experienced the loss of a special someone. Not once but twice. My heart was shattered a few times by what I thought was love. I lost a good friend, we grew apart.


I didn’t imagine myself being married before 30 but it happened.

I didn’t expect to be a homeowner but we are.

I didn’t even consider children and now I do

I didn’t even thought I could be happier than I was  but I am

I’ve grown to become an awesome adult and hope to become an awesome mom one day. I still have two very close friends that feel more like sisters. I have become a better person. I have new dreams. I finally realized that my passion revolves around writing and if I could go back in time I would redirect my life to writing.

I believe that things happen for a reason. The struggles we go through and survive makes us stronger in so many ways.

And now here I am, ready to embrace my 30s. Sure, I haven’t accomplish everything I wanted but you are never too old to aim for your dreams. And aim high and mighty.

I’m ready for my new chapter, so goodbye 20s. You taught me so much and helped me become the person I am today.

And hello 30s. I am looking forward to what you have to offer.


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