You Know When…

Things in life go from bad to worst and you think to yourself, “AAAHHH!!!! What am I suppose to do.” That usually means you hit bottom. It’s not always rock bottom but a bad bottom nonetheless.

It’s also the time when you all these terrible scenarios come to mind. You know, the ones that usually won’t happen because it’s just you being over dramatic about the situation.

Yeah, that happened to me not so long ago.

You see, I quit my job a few months ago due to some particular reasons. I finally had enough and  just didn’t care. Not only was I not enjoying it but there was shitty stuff going on, and well I left. I will not go into details here on the internet but it was somewhat of an Office Space type of thing.

Anyhoo,  I started to look for a new job but it wasn’t going the way it was supposed to go. In fact, there came a time when I was regretting leaving!

But that didn’t last long.

I kept on searching and did some soul searching too. Maybe this was the time to start new. I mean, I worked in an office environment and quite frankly disliked it terribly, so I started to think about what was it that I have previously enjoyed and felt to be a challenge for me. To make a long story short- there was an epiphany and a few other things involved here- it dawned on me,  I truly missed working with children.

I’ve been a tutor and teacher assistant before. I have always love children literature and hope to write my own book someday soon. I want children to appreciate writing and reading.

There’s all these goals that turns out that I have that involve children.

Yes, I could’ve have gone on to receive my teaching credential a few years earlier but I don’t think I was ready to take on such an important task. Perhaps I wouldn’t appreciate it the way I may do now.

Surprisingly, I’ve been receiving a lot more calls with the Education Resumes than my “Business” Resume. Unfortunately, because I am going to Canada for one week within the next few weeks it’s hard to be hire for summer sessions.

It’s understandable.

During summer you need teachers that are committed to the full session as summer is but a few weeks (does this make sense?).

Anyway, I am hoping for the best once I come back at the end of July.

But that’s not all. I don’t have a teaching credential and most schools require one.

Credit to Disney
Credit to Disney



I can’t change the past, but my present can help mold my future.

Plus I have the best husband ever!

So, once again, to make a long story short I am going back to school to get my credentials and Masters in Teaching Emphasis this Fall. But I first need to pass the CBEST and CSET in the next few months.

Things are finally looking up!

I just need to overcome a few more obstacles. Besides, it’s never too late to get on the right path or get on the path you want to embark on.

They say wisdom comes with age… I hope it’s true.

Until next time,






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