If You Plant Them They Will Grow

Salutations everyone!

Over the weekend Mark and I stopped by Target and usually that means taking a few seconds (or minutes) to cruise around the $1-$3 section. They usually have cute things so it can’t be helped!

I noticed that they are selling plant kits: strawberries, tomatoes, sunflowers, etc., and decided to buy two. They were a dollar each so what the heck! I got a strawberry and tomato kit.

These kits come with seeds, soil and the cute little pot; not bad for a dollar.

I’ve been considering on planting my own edible garden but haven’t really done anything about it…


They were bought and after following the very simple instructions they are now absorbing sun and ready to sprout!

Just kidding!

It takes a while before (IF) anything even  happens.

Here’s a glimpse of what I got.


Tomato and Strawberry Kit
Tomato and Strawberry Kit

As you can see they are small pot kits but once they grow 3″ you need to transfer them. We shall see if this truly happens. Also, you probably can’t read the pink but basically it took China, Netherlands, Germany, and the USA (in order of production) to assemble these kits. Basically these seeds have been in a lot more countries than me, haha.

Pot, Soil, Seeds
Pot, Soil, Seeds

Like I said, instructions are super easy to follow and once you add water to the soil tablet it actually expands. I thought it was pretty cool…


Ready. Set. Grow!
Ready. Set. Grow!

Since the instructions said that they need lots of sun I figured I should place them on my garden window for now. And as you can see, my garden window is pretty naked. This is probably the most excitement its gotten since we moved in.


So remember, if you plant them, they will grow. So does the saying goes but not everyone has a green thumb ;).




Have any of guys bought them? Was it worth it?



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