Did You Know? Canada Edition

Greetings Everyone!

I will be traveling to Canada in less than 3 weeks (YAY!!!).

And best of all, this is my first trip outside the good old U.S of A.

I’m excited yet scared because we are flying and let’s face it, the news are just saying bad things that have happened at the airport and on the air. Plus it’s the first time in a  very long time that I am flying. EEK!

But instead of freaking out I am trying to think of the exciting part, which is… THAT I AM TRAVELING OUTSIDE THE COUNTRY FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!!

Even if it’s just to Canada. 🙂

So what I want to do is write 3 posts about facts from Canada  and share them with you all and what better day to start than on Happy Canada Day!

*I will probably have something to say about the facts in ( ) so please know that I mean no disrespect to anyone. And I mean anyone.

Shall we begin:


CAPITAL: Ottawa (We too have an Ottawa, in Illinois…)

National Animal: Beaver (We have a Bear in Cali)

Motto: From Sea to Sea (Makes me think of “from sea to shinning sea!” Wait did we committed plagiarism in some way???)

Sports: They dig Hockey and Lacrosse (A good convo starter, right? Just make sure you know who’s playing when and where.)

Mac n’ Cheese – This is consumed by Canadians a lot more than any other nation! ( Yes, even more than the U.S.A. Shocker!)

Mail – They stopped delivering mail on Saturdays for the past 35 years. (I don’t know if this will catch on here. We love our junk mail on Saturdays.)

And that’s all I have for today.

See you all soon!






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