100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#139

It’s been a while since my last 100WCGU so I may be a little rusty, or a lot. But please, enjoy 🙂

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This week’s prompt: …but even when I listened carefully…


Eat That Cake

“I know Mom, but it still came out too salty. I knew three tablespoons was a lot.” I said.

 “Wait. Three tablespoons?” Mom said.

 “Yes. Three tablespoons. Just like you told me.” I said.

 “I didn’t say tablespoons. I said teaspoons. Three teaspoons!” Mom said.

 “Well, that would explain it.” I laughed. “Even when I listened carefully I still didn’t do it right.”

 Mom groaned over the phone.

 “I told you baking wasn’t my forte.” I said.

 “I know that. I just can’t believe the committee ate that cake.” Mom said.



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