A Dog Named Lulu

Salutations, Y’all!

So I’ve been having the Brady Bunch’s theme song stuck in my head for a while now and it won’t go away (don’t you just hate that!). And after listening to the theme song for a while on YouTube -which did nothing but made it worse- I decided to do the next best thing, turn the lyrics into a Lulu song, lol.


A Dog Named Lulu

Here’s a story, of a dog name Lulu

Who was no angel whatsoever

She frolicked, like no tomorrow

And terrorized the cats


She meant not harm, I tried explaining

But the little dogs did not agree with that

They started barking, oh what a headache

The other owners were not happy


What a fiasco it turned out to be

We had to scram and not look back

What an adventure this became

When you have a doggie named Lulu


Her name is Lulu

What a name

That’s the name she is known by throughout town



Here’s the link to the theme-song, if you need to listen to it too now 🙂

Close but no cigar? Probably lol but it was just fun to write

Have an awesome weekend!




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