Did You Know? Canada Edition PT. 3

Greetings, Everyone!!!

This is my last Canadian post for now and wanted to ended with facts about Vancouver, B.C since that’s where we will be.

I need to finish prepping and we are set for Sunday. Can you guys believe it? That’s around the corner. AAAHHH!!!

I know I will probably be freaking out, any tips?

I am hoping to take pics to share them with you all 🙂

And now, back to the show!

*I will probably have something to say about the facts in ( ) so please know that I mean no disrespect to anyone. And I mean anyone.

Foreigners: 35% of the population is foreign born; a majority of them are Asians (No surprise there. I’ve heard they have the BEST Chinese food. Looking forward to that!)

Major League Sports: Vancouver Canucks (hockey), BC Lions (Football), and Vancouver Whitecaps (Soccer) call Vancouver home. ( That’s nice… are they any good though?)

Best Time to Visit: Summer (Woot! 75 degree weather here I come! Apparently this is really hot for them, extremely hot)

Alcohol: No beer or alcohol is sold in grocery stores (Say what? Seriously? What’s wrong with you??? Don’t you know how crazy you look to Americans right now…)

Tax: 12% on everything but food (And to think we whine and bitch about a silly 9% tax rate here…)


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See you all soon!







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