To Canada and Back

Salutations, Everyone!

I am back from vacation and ready to take on the world! Actually, no.

I am not ready. In fact I’ve been busy getting back in the swing of things that I was not able to write this post until Wednesday and wasn’t able to post it until today, Friday. I seriously thought I could’ve done it Sunday evening but I was just lazy.

Any of you feel the same after a week or so of vacation?

In all seriousness though, I had a blast!

Yes, I had the most messed up sleep schedule but it was worth it! I met so many of Mark’s relatives and they were all just wonderful. I can’t wait to see them again :).


It’s great to be home and with Lulu again. We missed her.

Funny story –  We FaceTime with her and she ignored us! Not once did she pay attention to us. Like she gave us the cold shoulder, lol. We had to buy treats as a peace offering :). It’s all good now.


Now to my story


My Canada Story

This was my first trip via airplane since many moons ago. The flight went smoothly, sure a little nervous  at first, but I came to enjoy it. Even though this was a two hour flight, I couldn’t come to take a nap. My internal clock is all weird like that, haha.

I came to enjoy Vancouver. Not only was the air so much more cleaner (I came to miss the smog as an Angeleno you know), but the atmosphere was just so much more laid back. The funny thing is that I was told that there weren’t that many Latinos in Vancouver and I saw them everyday, lol.
The reason for this trip was to attend Gabe and Becca’s wedding, meaning I came to meet a lot of Mark’s relatives. They were all wonderful, sweet, and welcoming.
And having the opportunity to stay with relatives was an amazing chance to learn more about them. When the opportunity rises always take it because relationships and connections can come from these  :).
Places we went to: Downtown Vancouver, Queen Elizabeth Park, Light House Park, Stanley Park, Squamish, and Shannon Falls
Cousins Eatery: We had a “cook-off” type of thing. We got split into groups, bought ingredients and went cooking crazy. I did the cleaning for my group. I mean, c’mon. I’m no true chef. What was nifty was that before eating each group had a presentation dish that was photograph (One of Mark’s cousin is a professional photographer.)
Adventure to Remember: We were suppose to go to Whistler but plans changed that same day once we reached Squamish. I believe things happen for a reason because that day M’s car stopped working and the BCAA guy had a Confederate tattoo on his arm. In addition, Mika’s arm swelled up after a mosquito bite.
An interesting trip indeed.
I do not mind going back. Only this time I think I need some Canadian cash; having American dollars was no fun until the very end (lol). However, I did get Canadian cash but it was until the last day of the trip. They may be used for next time or kept as a souvenir. I’m thinking the latter.
Well, it was great Canada.
Until next time and enjoy some of the pictures 🙂
Song: Chasing Sun by Hilary Duff
**Names have been switched for some relatives



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