Make the Most of It

My girlfriends and I finally had time to hang out! My two girlies are mom of two children each, and of course their schedules are a lot different than mine.

I can come and go.

They need to make sure daddy or grandma can watch the kids. So I definitely understand.

Unfortunately one of them had to bring her two kids. Daddy is away on business, grandma couldn’t babysit, and her network of babysitters isn’t big.

Nonetheless, we made it work!

Sure, it was suppose to be a time to talk about stuff that’s been going on in our lives. Vent a little even, if we needed to. And maybe a drink or two.

But sometimes you just have to make the best out of a situation.

So our trip to the Getty Villa was turned into an educational field trip.

Our lunch at Duke’s Malibu (a beautiful place by the way) became an adventure of its own. Especially when the waves are right there.

And our alcohol were turned into mock drinks.


Duke's at Malibu
Duke’s at Malibu

Yet I wouldn’t have changed it for anything else.

Besides, there’s always next time.





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