Smashed Cauliflower – BAKED

I love cauliflower ever since I was young and I’ve been trying to cook it in different ways. Since Mark isn’t a big fan I don’t want him to get bored of the same thing, especially if he’s willing to eat it!

So like always, I went on AllRecipes and Pinterest and found this Smashed Cauliflower  Bake recipe. The recipe was straightforward except for one thing, it says, “salt and black pepper to taste.” Because I am not the best cook, when it comes to me seasoning food to preference I freak out. I don’t like salty food so I am afraid of over seasoning recipes.

Don’t get me wrong, tell me how much salt and pepper to add and I’ll do it. Leave me with the guess work and it’s the end of the world for me.

Mark said that it needed more salt and yes, it is true. But I didn’t mind it.

After all, I love the flavor of the cauliflower.


Will I Do It Again? Maybe, but I’ll probably look for a different recipe.


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