Lulu Meet Dolly

I have read many articles that say that is never too early to introduced your dog to a baby. One of the recommendations had to do with buying a doll and some baby lotion and powder to get the dog accustom to a new smell. After all, the majority of dogs that don’t live with kids around have a lot to take in.

Lulu is a sensitive dog and I want to introduce her to change slowly, so I figured there’s no harm of investing a little.

Luckily for me I was able to find this doll at Ross for $6 ( let’s face it, I’m not paying $15 or more for a doll) and a Johnson and Johnson travel kit with all baby necessities at Target for $2.50 ( thank you Cartwheel).

I put some powder and baby lotion on Baby Dolly and Lulu was just sniffing away. She must have thought it was a new toy because she wanted to get it from me lol. Ironically though when she got her hand she was extremely careful about it but I stopped her.

I want her to see and smell not touch. So after a little while and a few “leave it” and “no” words she’s just leaving it alone.

I know it’s not the same as the real thing but it’s a start. After all, Lulu is part of our family and she too needs to start getting ready.

Have any of you prepared your dog ahead of time?


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