How Do You Know You’re Pregnant

It’s something I have been recently researching, a lot. Surprisingly there are many posts relating to this, with many symptoms or hints to look out for. Let me tell you, this information can become overwhelming after awhile.

But they all state that “every woman is different, yada, yada, yada.”

Like seriously? Isn’t there something we can all have in common, aside from the cramps, boob change, and every other oh-so-wonderful thing that comes with trying to conceive.

Turns out the oh-so-wise writers were right.

Yes, there are things we can all see as signs of pregnancy but there’s nothing like the personal experience.

Take me for example

I’m a gal that’s particular about what I wear, how I wear, and whether I find it as cute and presentable. That’s always been me. I am particular with my personal presentation but–

It was a Sunday, Mark and I were making our way to Portos (seriously if you are in L.A find this place and try it!). Nothing out of the ordinary. Mark got in line to order and I waited on the sideline. Believe me, Portos can get crowded. Everything was truly mundane but out of nowhere this one lady tapped my shoulder, “excuse me,” she said as she leaned closer to me. “Yes,” I said as I tried to see if maybe we knew each other from somewhere.

“You’re wearing your shirt wrong.”

“I’m sorry?”

She leans in, “your tag is showing.”

I looked down and BINGO! My world has been turned upside down.

I smiled as I thanked her and left.


How in the world did this happened? I notice things like these!!!

And that’s when I knew it

“Cheese and rice! Am I pregnant?!”

But I wasn’t.


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