Ovulation Tests

There came a point when Mark and I actually bought ovulation tests. One of my gals recommended it and it was worth a shot.

We bought the First Response Digital Ovulation test


But it didn’t do much for us. It only has a blank circle(not ovulating) and a happy face (go for it!). I’m not going to lie, these tests are pricey. A small box of 7 tests for $16.99. Damn…

We then tried Clearblue Advanced Digital Ovulation test.

shopping (1)

It’s a little pricier but I like the fact that it has three different signals. It has the blank circle and two happy faces. The only difference is that one of the happy faces is vibrating, meaning that your at a high fertility peak.

I believe this one is definitely better and worth the price.

If anything, Clearblue is the one I would recommend.

Have you used any ovulation tests? Did they work or just stressed you out more?


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