Friday Catches

These articles are the ones that caught my attention this week.


Vitamin D  – Apparently it makes childbirth less painful. Well, I guess I need to drink even more milk now!

Link: Vitamin D May Make Childbirth Less Painful

Not mine
Not mine

Tiger Moms – I have heard of helicopter moms but this was a first for me. An interesting article. What are your thoughts? I’m not a mom yet but I like balance, but I am married to my Filipino husband who already has high expectations. I guess we shall see were we find our middle when the time comes.

Link: What is… a Tiger Mom?

Not mine
Not mine

Fifty Shades of Grey – I’ll keep my thoughts on this to myself but seriously teens. Mobbing a theater because you were not allowed to see the movie just shows just how immature you are. Why didn’t you wait until it came out on DVD?

Link: Teens Mob a Movie Theater…


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