And They Stopped Fitting

imagesI was fourteen weeks pregnant the week of 1/19. I was super content that my jeans were still lose and my leggings were as comfortable as ever. In fact, this same week my friends were asking me if my jeans were tight and all I said was, “Nope! :)”

Let’s face it. Who wants to accept the fact that your jeans will become too small for your growing belly. Not me! I’ve been my single digit jean size for years and I want to keep it that way!

But alas, on 1/24 (a Saturday) my leggings felt tight. Which was extremely odd. In fact, because we were celebrating my brother-in-law’s birthday I had to go to the restroom and lower my leggings to fit under the belly. I guess my time had come…

“Maybe you should try out you jeans and see if they still fit.” Mark told me that night when we got home. I was dead tired and decided to do as he said the following morning.


They closed but they were just soo tight!

I will admit it. It sucks (lol).

And well, Mark just said I should just get new clothes.

I don’t want to buy too many pregnancy clothes. Let’s face it. It’s pricey!

So for now I am a proud owner of a pair of leggings and one pair of pregnancy jeans.

And I must say, they are super comfortable!


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