There’s Too Much Information!

All rights to rightful owner.
All rights to rightful owner.

I’m the type of gal who will follow a few magazines on Facebook. It’s just easier because I am able to read just the articles that catch my eyes.

They are usually about prepping for baby. What to put on register. What to expect at the delivery room. Essentials for the nursery…

You get an idea

But even though some of these are extremely helpful. I also get inundated with articles about miscarriages before your 20th week. Articles on abnormalities that your baby can be born with. The fact that your baby can be stillborn.

I’m not saying they are all bad. After all, it is good to be inform. And even prepare…

But sometimes just reading too many of them can wreck havoc on a new mommy’s heart.stressed

I start freaking out and worrying.

What can I say? I am only human.

It’s just that sometimes I feel that being too inform isn’t always the right thing to do.

Of course this doesn’t mean I’ll stop reading. And I won’t stop worrying.

But maybe I need to stop overwhelming myself.

What do you think? Is there too much information online nowadays or do we need more?


2 thoughts on “There’s Too Much Information!

  1. There is too much and it is easy to get carried away. Despite all the articles, that btw always contradict themselfs in 4/5 years time, it is most important to listen to yourself. There is no clearer sign then a mothers intuition, during and after pregnancy

    1. I agree. My friends tell me to stop reading but I just can’t. You’re right though, mother’s intuition is usually the one to follow. I am hoping mine kicks in soon. Thank you for your kind words and feedback! 🙂

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