Does Size Matter?

Not mine

It’s March 22nd and I am five months into my pregnancy. I still fit in my pre-pregnancy jeans (yay!), but had to buy some maternity shorts and leggings.

Because most of my shirts tend to be somewhat loose, I can walk around and people can’t tell if I am pregnant or not. They might as well do a double-take.

If I wear tight shirts I do look like I have a tummy, but it doesn’t look like a tummy a five-month pregnant woman would carry. Than again, this is my first one. I don’t know what they should look like.

For all I know, they might just think that tummy is there because I like to eat or I am just gaining weight (lol)

I look in the mirror and can’t help but laugh.

“I look like if I am just in my first trimester,” I tell Mark.

Not mine
Not mine

When people ask me how far along am I and I answer, the usual response is “You don’t look like your five months!”

I smile. I know that.

I have asked my OB and he tells me that every woman is different but as long as the baby is healthy and growing that’s all that matters.

Oh, did I mentioned that I haven’t really gained weight either? I tend to go up-and-down.

Sure, maybe I am not showing as much.

Some say I’ll start really showing when I am 6 or 7 months, might as well place bets on this (lol). Others say I should eat more.

But as long as my baby is growing and it’s healthy that is all that matter.

mms_img-294693736So does size matter?

I guess it depends. Some women want to look pregnant. Maybe I do too.
But for now, I am happy just the way I look :).

What about you? Did size mattered? Did they criticized you about it?


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