And It Has Begun

Mark started painting the baby room and he did it all by himself :). I can definitely tell you this, he was one proud papa after he was done painting the bedroom. And who can blame him? I would be proud of myself too if I moved all the furniture and painted the four walls with no assistance!

The room had a Laker’s yellow color. I guess the previous occupant digged the Laker’s a little too much…

Laker Yellow
Laker Yellow

And so we decided to go with Valspar’s stain blocking Harpswell Green. Quite frankly I like it. It’s a very nice spring (soft) color and we will be able to add different color scheme things around the room without asking ourselves, “Will it match the room?”

Harpswell Green‬
Harpswell Green‬

We are also going to use this color in the bathroom. The bathroom has an orange color that’s just plain ugly. So I am definitely looking forward to the end result.

Not the prettiest color…

After all the painting is completed, I will have to start buying things to place in the bathroom to make it kid friendly.

I have bought things for the baby room, it’s just a matter of organizing and putting things in place though. 🙂

Did you have to make changes around the house before your bundle of joy?

Any tips?


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