TMI: From A Mommy-To-Be

pregnantclipartAs I got pregnant I knew that there would be a lot of changes coming my away. A. Lot. Of. Them. It is just part of the entire process. It’s part of becoming a mom. I made peace with it all. Or so I thought…

Let’s face it. Ever woman adjusts to the body changes in different matters. Some see it as a blessing. After all, there are women out there who would LOVE to conceive and can’t for different reasons. It wouldn’t be fair for us to bitch about the swelling, the weight gain, stretch marks, etc. But at the same time, I think it’s okay to not like it all. It’s fine to just say, “What the ****?”

As for me, I’ve come to be okay with a lot of things. Except for one. This one happened during my 29th week and just threw me off!

Mark and I were ready for bed. I was wearing a tank top because I apparently get too hot easily. And I just can’t deal. And then it happened. He pointed at my tank top and said, “Why is just shirt wet?” I looked down and there it was! I had leaking breasts!

Not mine
Not mine

I freaked out! I knew my boobs were going to get bigger and things were going to happen but man! I was not prepare for this (lol). I seriously became self conscious way too fast and quite frankly it was just became an “ewww” moment for me.

We all think we are okay and will be able to accept every change that comes with pregnancy. But let’s face it, there’s bound to be something that will makes us go ewww and maybe even  get a little self conscious.

I’m still adjusting to this new change. Not the most flattering one but hey, it is what it is.

Did something catch you off guard when pregnant?


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