Baby Shower Weekend! And The Gender Is…


I haven’t mentioned the gender at all, so let’s change that ;).

We are having a BOY! 😀

Our baby shower was last Saturday and it was just the best! A lot of family and friends came by. And by a lot  I mean around 120 guests! Our wedding was so much smaller compare to this (haha). But it was a great blessing.


If you must know, most of them were made up by Mark’s side of the family. And if you are Filipino, know someone who is, is married to one (like me), you definitely understand :).

A lot of people are missing on this picture lol
A lot of people are missing on this picture lol

My best friends were in charge and my sisters were able to help. We are Latinas, we aren’t too familiar with humongous showers (lol). They were stressed out  but the end result was great!

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Food wise there were tacos made on the spot, shaved ice with unlimited servings, Chinese food, Filipino food, fruit, cake, cupcakes, and other desserts! There was a lot of food and Filipinos and Latinos love to eat so definitely a great success!

Was your baby shower small or big?


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