Baby Shower Haul

Not the best picture, but whatevers lol
Not the best picture  lol

Well, not really a haul because I don’t have actual pictures of what we got. Mostly because some of the stuff are still in boxes and it’s taking me a long time to unbox them and such. But if you are curious about any of them let me know and I am more than happy to show you an actual picture :).

On to the fake haul!

We got a few things from our registry and we feel blessed. We got a few monetary gifts too, which will go to buying things we might need from the registry or for diapers and such.

This baby is still not here and there are so many people loving him already :). It just makes me happy. A type of  joy that I haven’t felt before. I guess it is just hard to describe.

Well, now to the items he got.


We got a few clothes but mostly sizes 6 months and up. This is definitely good because I had already purchased onesies and such for the first few months. I know. I know. Don’t get a lot of clothes because they won’t use it. I don’t have a lot, a lot. Or so I hope!

You want to know something that Mark and I thought was funny because quite frankly we don’t see ourselves getting it.

Someone got him a 12 month t-shirt from Burberry!

Burberry! This child has high end clothes already. Something Mark and I don’t even own. I have a perfume, but that’s as far as I have gone (lol). Nonetheless, we are grateful for that :).

Spoil. Spoil, child.


Mark and I were totally excited that we got the Graco Modes Click Connect stroller as a gift, which meant we didn’t have to worry about paying for it out-of-pocket!

We have now tried playing with it and it works fine. The true test will come when Noah gets here.

Babies R Us
Babies R Us

We also got the Arm’s Reach Mini ARC Co-Sleeper Bassinet and the Storkcraft Cambridge Glider. The bassinet has mixed reviews, but as with the stroller, Noah will have the last say in it.


Call me crazy but I was super excited when I noticed someone gave us this…


This is the Blooming Bath Plush and I’ve been eyeing it since the beginning of my pregnancy. It’s only for up to 6 months but it’s just too cute :).

It’s the little things that make me happy, lol.

We got the Boppy Newborn Lounger. I’ve heard a lot about it and how it has been recommended it, so I figure it was worth a shot.


Okay, Mark did not want me to add the Baby Bullet. He said it was a waste of money because we already have a food processor. My thing was the happy face it has. It’s just too cute. His response, “Give me a sharpie and I’ll draw a happy face on our Nutri Bullet.” Yeah, it was funny. But at least he let me put this in the registry and was happy when I saw someone getting it for us.


We also got the bath time essential gift sets from Aveeno and Johnson and Johnson.  A good friend of ours got us the AVA Baby gift set.


It’s all organic and non-toxic, and this is the first time I heard of it. I am definitely looking forward to this. If you have used this product do let me know your thoughts on it.

One last thing I want to be specific with is this…


I’ve been doing my research on bottles and nipples and because I want to try breastfeeding, I wanted a set that’s going to help my baby go to and fro from bottle to breast and vise versa. This set was one of the few that sort of met my needs. I would like your feedback on this.

We definitely got bibs, teethers, diapers and a bunch of washcloths, so definitely a plus. We also got the following. Most were based on recommendations and such.

pTRU1-11585282_alternate1_dt NEW-Playtex-SmartSteam-3-in-1-Microwave--pTRU1-14644573dt Munchkin-Arm-&-Hammer-Diaper--pTRU1-11319287dt The-First-Years-Sounds-for--pTRU1-8450170dt Cloud-B-On-The-Go-Sleep-Sheep--pTRU1-6735396dt

All of these items were through Babies “R” Us; reason being their endless earning program. If you haven’t heard of it the program is something like this: Basically they will give you a gift card based on how much was purchased through the registry. It’s worth a try and besides, that’s money we can definitely use!

I know this wasn’t your usual haul with either actual pictures or video, but I can definitely try in the future.

I am probably be reviewing these items once I actually start using them because I will know by than whether they worked for me or not.

I hope you enjoyed this post and until next week!

And have a happy Father’s Day Weekend!!!!

**Most of the pictures are from the Babies “R” Us website, except for the Ava products. That’s from


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