Are We There Yet?

not mine
not mine

I’m 38 weeks and 6 days and I have to say it. I am done being pregnant. I’m tired. My stomach feels too heavy at night. And I am just getting impatient. I want to meet by baby already because an ultrasound does not make justice.

We had our OB appointment this past Tuesday and there’s no change yet. I feel that he is too comfortable in their (lol). I know it’s good to wait for the baby to make his descent  at his own time but I’m like, “Ahh! I am done.”

I am hoping that by our next appointment, next Tuesday, I’ll have finally see some progress..royalty-free-rf-pregnant-woman-clipart-illustration-by-cory-thoman-stock-sample-1212626

C’mon 39 weeks! Make my week! (lol)

Have any of you mommies felt this way before?


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