Everyone Has Something To say

not mine
not mine

I’ve read it in the articles and quite frankly I was expecting it.

Once Noah was born everyone had something to say. Everyone had advise to give me because it worked for them. And quite frankly it does get annoying.

Yes, I am thankful for your advise but sometimes it’s better to just give me my space because quite frankly I am still figuring things out.

Mark and I are noobs with this thing called parenting and even though you feel that your advise is helping it might actually not.

Not because it is not useful but because maybe that’s not the road we want to take.

Everyone means well. They all do but I don’t let it get to me.

I smile. I nod. I thank them for their advise.

But do I follow it?

Not really.

Not because we don’t appreciate it.

It’s just that Mark and I want to do it our way. .

So ladies, take the advise everyone gives you.

Smile and nod. Even thank them.

But don’t let it get to you.

They just want to help.

Just remember. This is your baby and you will raise it your way. Whether it is your parents, in-laws, or the in-betweeners. Don’t let their advise get in the way of how you want to raise your children.

Besides, who knows? Maybe their advise will come in handy so don’t throw it away either.

Take all the advise with a grain of salt.

Chances are that even though you feel you’re not doing it right, you probably are and that’s all that matters.

And remember to breath and to not lose your cool.


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