Breastfeeding – My Story

download (1)Can I say one thing?

One thing only?

The one thing I learned as a mom of a one month old Noah?

Breastfeeding is a bitch.

Sure. I read all the articles. Went to a free prenatal breastfeeding class. Bought nipple cream and even got myself a brest friend nursing pillow.

I for sure thought I was prepare.

Fortunately for me, Noah had no problem latching. He was set to go as soon as he came out. And I even got great tips from the hospital’s lactation consultants!

But the problem came once we got home. Not only had Noah lost 7% of his birth weight, which is normal, but I was becoming frustrated.

Luckily my hospital offers free lactation consultations for mothers who give birth at their hospital and I was able to have a one-on-one meeting.

I was able to learn a few techniques and there was even some progress.

Noah and I finally got into the rhythm of things and everything was smooth sailing.

Or so I thought…

As the weeks progressed Noah started asking for more milk and he even started to get reflux.

I’m not going to lie, by this point he and I were becoming miserable. Especially when he started to have a bad case of reflux.  I didn’t know what was going on and even though during his one month check up, he had already gained two pounds more than his original weight, there seemed to be some issues with my milk production.

The doctor said that maybe I should cut back on dairy and see if he was sensitive to it but in order to see results it would’ve taken some time and tell me, who wants to see their children suffer?

So I did what I thought would be best. I supplemented with formula and to my surprise there was no discomfort. At first I felt bad. I mean, my milk was making my kid miserable.

But at the same time, my gut was telling me that wasn’t it. There must have been something else.

And there was.

Because my milk flow isn’t fast enough for him, Noah becomes frustrated and sucks in so much air that it makes him miserable.

It was somewhat of an “AHA!” moment.

And now…

I am pumping. I feed him my breast milk using Dr. Brown’s bottles( with the preemie nipples) and we both are so much happier.

Maybe my breastfeeding experience isn’t as glorious as what I have read but it’s working for us.

We are so much happier and now even Mark is able to feed him.

So my advise… do what works best for mom and baby.

Yes, give breastfeeding a try but if in the end it doesn’t go as you had planned…

It’s OKAY.


Because what matters is for mommy and baby to be happy, healthy, and enjoying every moment.


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