6 Weeks and Counting

Noah turned 6 weeks and through all the sleepless nights and frustrations it’s all going by too fast. It seems like it was just yesterday that he was just born and even though he wasn’t a small baby I can see just how fast he is growing.

And now I feel that time is slowly speeding up and not taking any breaks. It’s true what mommies say, “Enjoy them while you still can because in a blink of an eye they will be all grown up.”

I will try to document each week of his life until he turn one using the Baby Center weekly baby updates (just like during pregnancy). So let’s begin.

This information has been provided by Baby Center

Music appreciation

Now that your baby’s awake for longer periods during the day, you can use these times to support his sensory development. Try singing your favorite lullabies or playing music.


Your baby may not be able to talk yet, but his face is sure telling you a lot. He’s experimenting with different facial expressions — pursing his lips, raising his eyebrows, widening or squinting his eyes, and furrowing his brow.

He is very expressionist but he is always frowning (lol). Mark calls him Mr. Grumpus :).

And now the picture of the week.  I will also share one of him when he was in the hospital since I haven’t yet.

Until Next Time!

6 Weeks


Stay tune for the newborn pictures we took!


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