Countdown to the big 3-Months: Postpartum

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I was fortunate.

As far as I know I haven’t gone through postpartum depression, and I hope I don’t.

Yes, sometimes I felt that I was doing a lot more than Mark when it came to  Noah, when he was just a newborn, but I realized that he was doing his part (and his best) in the stuff he did do.

Maybe I just wasn’t giving him a break

Maybe it was just mother instinct kicking in

Nonetheless we are a lot better handling him now.

Newborns are hard

Being a first time parent is even harder

Which is why it is important to pat yourself on the back when you reach the 3 months’ period.

It’s a HUGE milestone!

I don’t have a big list for this week’s post. But what I do have has helped me a lot. And maybe it will help you too.

$_1_Fotor_Collage_Fotor - EDITED

1 Keep taking those prenatals coming. Or if you can, buy the postnatal vitamins. I was reading, way before I had Noah, that by taking prenatal or postnatal vitamins your chances of going through depression go down. Reason being that after you have a baby your hormones are everywhere. And if you’re breastfeeding you’re giving your baby all your nutrients. Of course do so while you are breastfeeding. Once you’re done go back to your daily women vitamins.

I personally believe this is what has helped.

Stuart Prenatal One – $17.99 As much as I love my other prenatals they are expensive. And I only take those when getting pregnant. If you don’t want to spend a lot. Just take something less expensive.

2 and 3.  I am so grateful for this! Seriously don’t be shy and ask the nurse if you can have more to take home. It is a lifesaver. Look at it this way, technically you will be paying for them once you get that hospital bill.

Dermoplast Pain Relieving – $8.07. Don’t pay for it. Ask the nurse 😉

Geritrex Hemorrhoidal Hygiene Pads with Witch Hazel – You will thank them for this. Take extra from the hospital. Ask them!

4. My mom kept telling me, “Eva, make sure to buy your girdle. It is important. It will help you. The women in Guatemala (the Mayans) wear their girdle as soon as they give birth and look at them. It’s very important.”

Yeah, she drove me nuts. But I listened. I didn’t wear it right away. Maybe by the second week I started. But I have to be honest. It has helped. It has helped compress my tummy back to that pre-pregnancy shape and I am fortunate enough to fit into my jeans again. Of course I still wear similar tummy shapers but listen do it. Get yours. You will see a difference.

Sure I still have a pouch and it’s fine. But a little tummy workouts will help with that. Somewhat (lol).

                             Bellefit – $Varies.

5. This one is important. As soon as you are able to leave your baby for a few hours do it. Don’t feel guilty. YOU deserve it. Go out to eat with your significant other. Go buy a shirt. Do both.

Just go

Your relationship and yourself will thank you.

Babies keep parents busy. But don’t forget about you. Don’t forget about your partner. Believe me their going through changes too.


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  1. You’re doing great! Take it day by day, postpartum depression doesn’t affect everyone (although it affected me. heh). Happy 3 months!

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