Countdown to the big 3-Months: Baby

It’s finally here!

Noah will be 3 Months tomorrow.

The three of us have survived the first 90 days!

IMG_0918_Fotor - EDITED

In other words, my baby is in one piece! And that’s a big deal :).

But excitement and jokes aside, I had a hard time with this post because there was so much I wanted to share with you.

However, I decided to share the things I could not live without for the first three months. I mean the things that helped us survive, lol.

So here they are:Saline_Fotor_Collage _Fotor

1. Diaper bag or in my case backpack. I find that the backpack is a lot more efficient than the messenger bag. I carry a lot and it definitely holds a lot and the best part is it won’t hurt my shoulders! I may do one of those What’s in my baby bag video and review?

2. Gripe water. If you can only put two things in your registry this should be one of them. This helps with colic and they have one for night time too! Believe me, you will thank me later ;).

3. Mommy’s Bliss Probiotics. This should be your other item that’s a must! Because there isn’t much that can help with colic, there’s new research that says that probiotic helps baby. And it helps tremendously. As soon as I started giving Noah this, I saw a big improvement!

  • Mommy’s Bliss Probiotic Drops – $24.99 Don’t let the price scare you. If you buy gripe water there’s always a $3 coupon for probiotics. Or just find the coupon online.

4. I learned that when it comes to baby acne the doctors will usually tell you to “leave it alone” and will probably say, “there isn’t anything to treat it with.” That may be so but I learned that washing his face everyday with this made a difference.

5. Piggybacking on number 4. I made sure to put this on his face after washing it. I believe that using both made the acne go away a little faster. Even now that his face is clear I am still continuing with the routine.

6. This one is a no brainer. A good pump makes a difference. I still breastfeed on occasions (you can read about why I stopped here) but Noah is happier with the bottle and if that makes him happy I have no problem with that.

  • Medela Freestyle – $399.99 a bit pricey but a lot more freedom to move around.

7. As Noah has gotten older he has had a tendency of having blowouts and at times major spitting up because of his reflux so carrying extra clothes and having where to put the dirty ones has been a life savor.

8. If there’s a set of bottles you need to get, these are it. These bottles are worth the price and they will help your colic/reflux baby. My recommendation is buy a few 8 oz and skip the 4 oz. Plus Options can be use with and without the vent so it will grow with baby. I now can’t picture myself without them!

9 and 10. These two go hand in hand. Unfortunately since day one Noah has had a stuffy nose. And we have also noticed that the A.C gets him congested so these two have been my go to snot sucker contraption (lol). I’ll be honest, Noah HATES it. I can’t blame him though. I would probably hate it too if I didn’t know why it was used for or the fact that it would help me breath. But believe you me, in the end it makes for a happier baby.

There’s one more item I forgot to add to my list. I can’t believe it didn’t come to mind.


The Wubbanub plush pacifier. We have two. They have become his buddies and they stay in the mouth for a longer period of time because of the plush toy weight. I know i’ve used this phrase quite a lot today but it’s a life saver!

And that’s it. These have been the items I am thankful for. These are the ones that helped Mark and I survive the first 3 months. So now, if we do have another baby later down the road, I think we will be ready :).

I hope these 11 items come in handy for you too.

What were your items that helped you survive the first 3 months?

**I may write a post on what to include in your registry. I know I put a lot of things in mine and truth be told, I never even used some of them. Or my preference changed due to Noah’s needs as we went on.


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