The Bond Between a Father and his Son

There’s something I realized as a first time mom.

Dad may take a little longer to bond with his little one. This is not because they don’t want to bond with their child at all. It is mostly because the baby’s main focus is to eat, sleep, and poop. And dad doesn’t know what his role will be during that time.

I remember that during Noah’s first month of life Mark did feel a little detached from him because well, the baby could careless of who he was. Plus there were times when Noah would start crying when Mark would hold him and it would frustrate Mark because he didn’t know what to do to sooth him.

Noah did not want anything to do with him!

That was than.

As Noah started to get older, his acknowledgment of dad has gotten stronger. I believe it was by the end of the first month and the beginning of the second one when they started to bond more.

Mark is a hands on daddy. In fact when he talks to Noah he refers to himself as, “the dude that changes your diaper.” And that’s true. That has become his duty and I think that has helped them bond.

But as Noah has become more aware of his surroundings and of those around him, he has come to love his daddy.

He’ll talk to daddy.

Smile at him too.

And now, he started laughing at the song daddy has made up for him.

“Are you enjoying your son now?” Is something I’ll ask every now and than.

Mark will smile, “Yeah. I’ve been looking forward to this.”

This is the feeling he needed.

He wanted his son to need him.

To acknowledge him.

To love him.

And now, Noah is ecstatic when he sees daddy.

The relationship between a dad and his child is a precious one. It’s one that needs work but you know what dad, don’t give up.

The relationship is there. Your baby may not acknowledge you right away but he knows you’re there. Just give him time to show you.

Because when he does, it will be the best feeling ever.

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