3 Months: 2 Weeks and Counting!

So this week Noah has been daddy-centric.

And that’s great! If you want to know why read this post!

It’s great to see him bond with daddy more and more every day. And we are in a, “If he can grab it it’s all fair game!” since usually if he is holding something to his mouth it will go!

As long as I know where it’s been I have no problem with it. :). After all, he is in an exploring stage.

Now if only he can grab and hold his bottle for more than two seconds…


Well, let’s see what BabyCenter has to say this week!

Coordinating arms, legs, and hands

Your baby can now wave her arms and pump her legs. And as her hip and knee joints become more flexible, her kicks are getting stronger. Hold her upright with her feet on the floor and feel her push down.

Your baby can also bring both hands together and open and close her fingers. Encourage her eye-hand coordination by holding out a toy to see if she’ll reach for it. (Yes, swatting at a toy is a developmental milestone!) Just be sure to move that mobile out of your baby’s reach, because she may be able to bring it crashing down before too long.

Touchy feely

Babies simply love to be touched. In fact, they thrive on it — it’s a critical part of growth and development. All that skin-to-skin contact not only helps you and your baby bond, but is comforting when she’s upset and soothing when she’s irritable.

Nurture your baby’s sense of touch with a variety of materials — such as fur, felt, and terrycloth. Your baby will likely try to eat everything, so choose carefully and don’t leave her alone with anything that could come apart in her mouth. And look for books like Pat the Bunny that make reading a tactile experience.

Touch — the feel of a gentle breeze or a massage, being carried on your hip, or kissed on the nose — is a powerful way to relax or engage your baby. It may even make her more alert and help her have a longer attention span.

Boy are the right on the money! It’s great sharing these weekly milestones with you all!

Until Next Time!

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