Grandparents and Mini Haul!

First time grandparents go nuts for their grandchildren!

I believe that being a grandparent is a blessing.

You’ve watched your children grow up.

You’ve watched them get married.

And now you’ve watched them become parents.

But the best things of all is that they give you grandchildren!

And boy are you in cloud 9 after that!

Both my parents and Mark’s parents are in LOVE with Noah.

That’s all they talk about and you know, let them.

Because it’s just such a special bond.

A few weeks ago, both his and my parents got Noah a few things. And I am finally sharing them with you.

Some of the items are from Burlington Coat Factory and others are from Cotton On: Kids

So let’s do this!


I love these outfits he got from Burlington. The jammies are super soft and so warm. The little raccoon outfit is just too cute! The flannel jacket is the cutest! He has actually worn it a few times now. Especially when it’s chilly in the morning. The entire outfit is soft and I like that And the socks, you can’t have enough! lol.

As I always say, “It’s not about the money spent. It’s about it coming from the heart. Besides, who doesn’t love a great bargain anyways!”

DSCN0065_Fotor- EDITED

Cotton On: Kids is my new discovery. And I was happy to get this jammies for him. They are thin and the prints are adorable. These are 3-6 months but I suggest to get them a bigger size than your baby. An example is if s/he is 3 months, get the 6-12 months. Unfortunately for him, he already outgrew these so they have to be put away. And of course, just cut the tag off (lol).

  • Jammies: $18.95 but they have sales ( 2 for $30)

Dear grandparents,

Thank you for the outfits! That means we don’t have to buy them for him :D.

Love, Eva


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