Baby Haul!

SDSCN0189_Fotor EDITEDo this past weekend I went a little crazy…

I received an email from Gap that gave a coupon for 50% off for up to 5 items and 40%off after that. Who can say no to that?DSCN0190_Fotor EDITED

Not me apparently!

Of course all I bought was for Noah on their 6-12 size. I mean, if I am going to take advantage of the sale might as well make sure it’s worth it.

DSCN0191_Fotor_Collage_Fotor EDITED
                                  babyGap + Peanuts® quilted chambray jacket

I love the babyGap + Peanuts collaboration. So many cute things but this one took the cake.

DSCN0191_Fotor_Collage sweatpants_Fotor EDITED
                                                        Banded marled pants

I love pants on him and this pair was so soft to the touch I had to buy it.

DSCN0191_Fotor_Collage pants_Fotor EDITED
                                                Pull-on french terry knit pants

Because apparently Noah doesn’t have a lot of pants! I think this pair of pants will go nicely with some shirts.

Chambray shirt
                                                       Chambray shirt

I just couldn’t say no to this shirt.

Marled raglan sweater one-piece
                                               Marled raglan sweater one-piece

I love one-piece items on him and this sweater was one of them :).

1969 pull-on straight jeans
                                                    1969 pull-on straight jeans

I don’t buy him many jeans. He tends to have more pants but it’s nice to have at least a pair :).

Overall, I love what I got him. I payed $74 and some change but these will probably fit him for a while (crosses fingers). They are a tad big at the moment but I have no problem with that!


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