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When Noah started using a pacifier Mark and I had to constantly keep putting it in his mouth or, as all parents know, be ready to hear him scream bloody murder!

Well, we tried different pacifiers with the hopes of finding one that would stick. We even tried the Wubbanub. It was working fine and he loves it! Believe me, I have nothing against it. But ever since he found his hands he’ll yanked it out of his mouth and well, you can guess what happens next…

When you’re home you can deal with the screaming. When you go out for a stroll not so much. Luckily for us we found Snuggin, the cutest blue elephant we’ve seen by far.

Snuggin1893_copy (1)
Credit: Snuggin.com

And you know what? Noah seems very intrigue by it. Not sure if it’s the color or just the design of it. But there’s something he enjoys about it. Best of all, that little elephant plushie is so soft that I am not going to be surprise that as Noah gets older he’ll want to cuddle with it.

DSC_0131_Fotor EDITED

Snuggin has four velcro straps so you can definitely attach pacifiers, teething toys, and attachable soothers. Basically you can Snuggin1908_copymix and match as you please. And unlike the Wubbanub, once the baby is done for the day you can put them away in the internal storage (which is something I wish Wubbanub came with!).

Snuggin is so handy that you can use one of the straps to attach it to the baby carrier, high chair, bouncer, or any other place you can think of. Personally though, I wouldn’t attach it to the high chair, those things are dirty!

DSC_0132_Fotor EDITED



From my personal experience Snuggin fits most of the pacifiers, except for the Avent soothing pacifier but with so many other pacifiers out there I don’t think that’s a big deal.

Plus this is perfect for those picky babies that like some pacifiers over others. Or for the parents that prefer certain pacifiers for their babies. Either way, Snuggin will probably catch your baby’s attention and because of its size you won’t have a hard time finding it in the dark.



And now for even greater news!


Snuggin has been kind and offered two of my readers a chance to win a Snuggin.

How cool is that?!

And with the holidays around the corner this is a nice chance to win something for the baby :).

All you have to do is click on a Rafflecopter giveaway.

Wish you guys luck!



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