Black Friday Or the Day After Thanksgiving

I remembered that when my siblings and I were young my parents never took us shopping on Black Friday. One because there were times when we were financially restricted and two because my dad wanted to spend that time either home with us or at the park.

Black Friday has changed from when I was a kid. For one, it started at midnight. And two, the stores were not decorated until after Thanksgiving.

Nowadays, as soon as Halloween says it’s goodbye, we overlook Thanksgiving and go straight to Christmas. How and when did we let this happened?

Unfortunately it is just part of consumerism and that won’t change.

However, families can do something about it.

We can bring a different meaning to the day after Thanksgiving. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done Black Friday shopping in the past. And let’s face it, sometimes there are great deals out there. In fact, yesterday we bought a few clothes for Noah online (haul to come). But I just think there should be more to the day after Thanksgiving.

I’ve made it my mission to decorate for Christmas every Thanksgiving weekend. And that’s what we did Friday. We started.


Unfortunately Mark and Noah were both a little under the weather, so I wasn’t able to decorate as much as I wanted but that’s okay. My husband and baby needed me.

I just hope that as Noah gets older we can do other things on Black Friday. There are a bunch of events out there. One just needs to find them.

What’s your take on it? Did you go shopping? Is it part of your tradition?

Until Next Time!

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