4 Months: 4 Weeks and Counting!




Noah is almost 5 months!

I’m speechless.

He is the man of his own neck now, haha.

He definitely has more control and will soon be able to sit on his floor seat. Noah is definitely sitting with support but working on that neck control still.

But you know, I’m just amazed as to just how much he has changed in the last almost 5 months.

Oh, and he is trying to turn too. Which means he just can’t sit still!

He must have ants in his pants!

The following information provided by @babycenter
Sitting pretty
By now, your baby’s physical developments are coming fast and furious. When lying on her back, she’ll lift her head and shoulders as you reach to pull her up. If you place her on her stomach, she’ll extend her arms and legs and arch her back. This is good exercise for strengthening her neck muscles, and it will help her develop the head control necessary for sitting up.
Ba ba ba ba ba ba . . .
Your baby is adding new sounds to her language repertoire, and she may sound like a broken record. Babies this age often become so enthralled by a newfound ability that they get stuck on it for a while. This is normal — babies tend to master one skill before moving to the next.
Peaceful goodnights
Following a well-established nighttime routine, which might include a bath or a bedtime story, for example, may help settle your baby to sleep. It’s a good idea to consistently “sequence” your baby toward slumber: Feed her, give her a bath, put her in her pajamas, play a game, read her a book, sing songs or play some music, then put her down.

I strongly believe that from now on time is going to stop taking its time (no pun intended 😉 ) and grow some legs and truly run for the rest of the year.

I mean take a long. It’s December. Christmas is around the corner and then it will be 2016.




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