Oh, my… The Shoes!

There’s one thing many will mention to you as a new mom, “There’s no point on buying shoes right away.”

But why not?

The shoes on newborns are just adorable!


And many of you know what’s to come.

Those cute shoes.

The ones that look so nice on those babies.

They tend to get lost or misplaced.

And some of these shoes cost a lot of money.


Well, I kind of knew this before I got pregnant so of course I did my research and Freshly Picked moccasins popped up.

Not only is Susan Petersen (the creator of Freshly Picked) a mommy. She had a reason for making them. And the reviews were all positive.

And that made me want to buy some!

But they are not cheap. And I wasn’t sure if I could justify the price.

Luckily for me, there was a summer sale earlier this year and I bought two pairs for practically the price of one

(Below is the size 2 pair. The crib ones I misplaced UGH!).

DSC00247_Fotor EDITED

And then, he got a pair of Freshly Picked moccs as a baby shower gift.

DSC00250_Fotor EDITED

So in a way my little Noah was and is all moccasin out!

DSC00238_Fotor EDITED


Those shoes on my baby looked cute! And the material is amazing. Plus there is such a variety that you kind of want to collect them all.

I can now see why they are pricey: They are quality shoes that stay put.

Which is why I truly believe that every baby should own at least one pair.

Noah is now 5 months and still fits in his size one and size two moccs. And you know what?

They had a black Tuesday sale and I bought him another pair!

DSC00267_Fotor EDITED

I couldn’t help it! I love shoes.

DSC00264 (1)_Fotor EDITED

Now I’ve bought him different types of shoes before.

DSC00257_Fotor EDITED

And the ones that aren’t his moccasins tend to fall off. Which means I need to make sure to look for them and pray to not lose them in a public place.

DSC00281_Fotor EDITED

Who wants to go through that?

Not me.

And hopefully not you.

Which is why Freshly Picked has been generous to offer one of my readers a free pair. And you get to pick the style and size (of course) of your  soft sole moccasins.

How exciting is that?!


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5 thoughts on “Oh, my… The Shoes!

  1. My funniest missing shoe story would have to be when I Was running s road race and my shoe fell off and I couldn’t find it so I had to finish the race with one shoe!

  2. I haven’t misplaced a shoe (yet) but I feel like the worst place to lose my baby’s shoe would be on vacation!

  3. My funniest story about losing my shoe happened when I was moving. I was trying to box everything up quickly and accidentally threw one of my shoes in a box. Obviously I noticed when I was looking to put them on and leave.

  4. In my opinion the worst place to lose a shoe would be the movie theatre (so dark) or a fair or something. Imagine trying to retrace your steps with all the crowds.

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