Reflecting on 2015

2015 came and went…

And it sure brought many new experiences with it!

2015 was the year that I became a mom.

Technically, half the year I was pregnant and the other half is was when I became a mom but who is counting, right?

I had my ups and downs but who didn’t.

2015 was the year where I felt the most clueless and I have a feeling I have many more of those to come, haha.

2015 was the year when I found out what unconditional love was.

2015 was the year when Mark and I  had to adjust to sharing our life with a third person and realized that it was all worth it.

2015 was the year when Mark and I strengthen our bond.

But most of all, 2015 was when we were introduced to Noah.

The little guy that became the life changer in our lives.

And boy is he going to be busy in 2016!

And I am looking forward to sharing it all with you guys.

Here’s to 2016 and its many surprises!



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