6 Months and Counting

I must admit this is coming a little late.

But my little Noah turned 6 months on January 17.

And it’s crazy.

Even surreal.

I know I am always saying, “How did this happened?”

But it did.

Time is ticking and he’s getting older!

Is it crazy to start thinking about his first birthday???


  • The weekend before he turned 6 months he finally rolled over but he can’t do more than that. He can roll but not undo it, haha.
  • He really doesn’t like tummy time but enjoys sitting up without help!
  • He loves his solids and is slowly learning to enjoy water and his sippy cup.
  • He can’t hold his bottle yet but he’s working on it.
  • He likes Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.
  • He loves his Baby Einstein activity jumper.
  • He knows how to go back when using his walker…and every now and then to the side.

My precious Noah is growing up.

Next thing I’ll see is him walking!





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