He’s Not A Newborn Anymore!

Yesterday evening it finally dawned at me.

Noah is no longer a newborn. I’ve known this for a while but I don’t think i’ve truly thought about it.

I am always looking forward to what the next month will bring. And yes, I do reminiscing about the previous months.

But yesterday, it was like it finally hit me.

My baby is not a newborn.


He’s an infant who is slowly prepping to become a toddler in a few months. He doesn’t fit in my arms the way he did on that first day.


I think it’s rather bittersweet.

He’s becoming his own littler person and it does make my heart ache because he’s growing up but you know, it’s okay.

I think. No, I know I’ll be okay.

Because even though he’s not a newborn anymore. He is still my baby.

DSC_0262 (1)


And that just means we will have to start creating even more memories.



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